Oak Alley Plantation + Laura Plantation + Swamp Tours
Pick up 8:30am
Hotel pick up and Transportation available.

1. Two Plantation Tour Combo – Hotel Pickup & Transportation Included
$75 Child/$100 Adult
10:30a – 6p

This Tour combines both Oak Alley and Laura Plantation tours in one day. Pick up time is 10:30am, we should arrive about 12:15pm at Oak Alley Plantation where you will have an hour of free time to get lunch, walk the grounds or whatever. The Oak Alley house tour starts at 1:30pm until 2:15pm. Then we take a short 10 minute drive to Laura Plantation, the tour begins at 2:40. You will return to New Orleans around 6pm. Oak Alley Plantation was built in 1837 and has 28 evenly spaced Oaks that line a 1/4 mile path from River Road to the plantation house. There are additional attractions on the grounds including a restaurant, cafe and gift shop. The choice is yours how you would like to use your free hour. Laura Plantation was built and operated by four Creole women. The main house burned down in 2003, an exact replica was built using wood and materials from other antique buildings. The rebuilding of the plantation house is a story in itself. Slave quarters are a part of this unique tour.

2. Laura Plantation Tour-  Hotel Pick Up and Transportation Included
$50 Child/$75 Adult
8:30s – 2p (5.5 hours)

The Laura Plantation Tour is considered by many in the tour industry as the best historical plantation tour in the Mississippi Valley. The plantation was run by four Creole women, most notable, was Laura, from where the plantation gets it’s name. The women ran the plantation over 60 years, using slave labor to do it. You will get to view and enter the slave quarters, as part of this tour. On this tour, you will hear stories of all aspects of the plantation life. The book “Bier Rabbit” was written here. The Plantation house was nearly destroyed by fire back in 2003, but it was rebuilt to the original design using building materials from antique homes that was disassembled and sold off in pieces. The rebuilding process, is a story in itself.